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Standard Support

RTEMS is a truly free real-time operating system which has been available for nearly twenty years. In that time, it has been downloaded literally thousands of times and developed a vibrant user community. However, that does not guarantee that your question will get answered or that the bug impacting your development schedule will be fixed by the community. OAR Corporation offers RTEMS Standard Support so the success of your project is not dependent on the kindness of strangers when problems arise. RTEMS Standard Support is designed to provide your development team with the timely responses it needs when it has questions about RTEMS and its environment.

Standard Support includes:

  • Direct Contact with the RTEMS Engineers
  • Timely Responses from the RTEMS Engineers
    • normally less than 24 hours
    • always within 2 business days
  • Rapid Problem Response
    • solutions as quickly as technically possible
  • Technical Assistance with the RTEMS Environment
  • Bug Reporting and Patches
  • Access to RTEMS Source Code Repository
  • Downloadable RTEMS Documentation
  • Covers Development Trunk and Publicly Open Release Branches

A support contract can easily pay for itself by saving your engineers time when they are stumped and need a question answered quickly. Please contact us to inquire about or purchase Standard Support.

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