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Closed Class

While OAR offers the RTEMS Open Class and the Kick Start on a regular basis, this may not be the appropriate venue for your RTEMS application development team. The most common reasons for arranging custom RTEMS training are:

  • Your development team may be large enough where holding the standard course at your facility is a better or more cost-effective option.
  • You may want the freedom to ask questions in terms of your application and you can not discuss your application in the Open Class environment.
  • You may want training on some special library or environment.
  • You may want to be trained in using POSIX multithreaded programming. The standard Open Class does not cover POSIX programming.

Closed Classes are usually held at the customer's site, tailored to specific needs, and attendance is limited to the employees of that company. If desirable to the customer, a Closed Class could also be held at the usual training facilities in Huntsville Alabama or in Munich Germany.

The baseline for the course material is the Open Class. From there, we can delete units, add units such as the POSIX material, or create new material. The OAR training team has experience in a variety of areas related to real-time and embedded programming and is happy to share this expertise with you in a custom course.

Cost: Due to the customer specific nature of this service, we can't provide a blanket price for this course. Please send an inquiry for a custom quote through the Contact Page, and we will respond as promptly as possible.