OAR Corporation is the original developer of the RTEMS real-time operating system (RTOS). OAR has also been the caretaker of RTEMS since the end of the original research project funding in 1994. OAR has hosted all of the computing resources, infrastructure, and personnel necessary to develop and distribute RTEMS for over fifteen years. This includes but is certainly not limited to:

  • personnel for maintenance and releases
  • the public RTEMS server used for http, ftp, cvs, and mailing lists
  • development machines
  • lab with target hardware
  • RTEMS enhancements unlikely to come from the community
  • remote access support for key non-OAR RTEMS developers
  • system administration of all RTEMS computing resources
When you purchase a support contract, attend an RTEMS class, or use OAR for RTEMS consulting services, you are helping to offset the expenses for maintaining the RTEMS project. Please remember that even though you are free to download and use RTEMS for free, it takes time and costs money to maintain and distribute.